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Tresorio HUB is a decentralized, sustainable and scalable ecosystem, accessible through a cloud platform, our HUB Platform, allowing an easier access to computing resources. These resources will be used for various use cases such as blockchain mining, 3D rendering, Machine Learning model training, or complex scientific computations. The HUB platform will be powered by our Green Network’s clusters and smart-boilers, as well as computing resources made available from thousands of contributors through decentralized marketplaces. Our ambition is to create an efficient ecosystem, democratizing access to computing resources to all types of users. We aim at disrupting the centralized paradigm in Cloud Computing.

The HUB token is a utility token, a digital asset that users can trade through the HUB platform for computing resources, for a wide range of uses, like 3D rendering, complex scientific calculation, MRI analysis, or Machine Learning model training.

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